Dentalstyl s.r.o. has concluded the required contracts with healthcare insurance houses, enabling us to offer preventive dental checks within the scope of the Public Healthcare Act (once a year) for free. 

The various healthcare insurance houses offer full or partial coverage of the costs of certain dental procedures and prostheses. We include the prices of such covered or partially-covered services in our price lists for procedures and prostheses. We determine our prices for services which are not covered by health insurance (Direct Patient Payment services) using a complex set of internal calculations. In arriving at the final prices we offer to our patients our calculations take into consideration all relevant factors, including for example the depreciation of our modern equipment and top-of-the-line dental care devices, our use of cutting-edge dental materials, or the prices of the carefully-selected dental laboratories to whom we subcontract specialist work on prostheses.


See our prices of dental procedures and dental prostheses in PDF:

Prostheses price list

Procedures price list




We have coverage contracts with the following health insurance houses

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