Comprehensive services in dentistry

Dental checks – initial and preventive

Every new patient starts with us with an initial consultation (see current price list) with our Office Assistant, where they are given an overview of our Healthcare Contract and the Dentalstyl Terms of Service. Then, we schedule an initial dental check, including an X-ray examination if indicated. We will investigate and evaluate the state of your dental and oral cavity health. Next, we perform a basic cleaning of your teeth and instruct you in the use of selected dental hygiene aids and products. Based on our findings, we prepare a health and treatment plan for you, including budget. At this time we also estimate the number of visits that will be needed and set up a preliminary schedule. We ask our patients to adhere to the Public Healthcare System’s requirement of presenting for a preventive dental check at least once a year – even if you are presently experiencing no dental problems, keeping up with your preventive visits is important! Preventive dental checks are covered in full by your health insurance! Proper hygiene of the oral cavity helps ensure that your teeth will remain healthy throughout your life.

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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is the use of modern technology and materials to help keep your teeth clean and visually appealing. Having good-looking teeth can help build self-confidence and achieve success in professional and personal life. We offer outpatient teeth whitening and professional teeth cleaning services.


Prosthetic dentistry

The aim of prosthetic dentistry is to replace lost dental tissue or whole teeth, using the most advanced methods available. Based on the condition of your teeth, we prepare an individual treatment plan, including a comprehensive budget. We emphasize quality and therefore carefully select the dental laboratories we collaborate with. We offer:


  • Root canal therapy
  • Crowns (metallic-ceramic, all-ceramic, zirconia)
  • Bridges (metallic-ceramic, all-ceramic, zirconia)
  • Facets (ceramic, composite)
  • Removable prostheses (partial and total)
  • (We use Deflex – a cutting-edge material for metal-free removable prostheses.)


Pediatric dentistry

Preventive dental care is essential in childhood. Caries is an infectious disease, often communicated to children by their parents (e.g. by licking a pacifier). A child’s first visit to the dentist should take place in the first year of life. Children and the care for their teeth require a sensitive approach, one which emphasizes a safe and friendly environment. It is best for children to start by multiple short visits so that they can get used to the environment of a dentist’s office and to the people caring for their teeth. We require that children and minors below 18 years of age be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on every visit with us.


Preservative dentistry and endodontics

Dental caries is the most widespread infectious disease affecting humans. Caries affects hard dental tissues and its lifetime prevalence in the Czech Republic exceeds 90%. Correct and regular cleaning of teeth is the most effective method of caries prevention. We treat caries with high-quality white photocomposite fillings or capsule amalgam fillings. If left untreated, caries will compromise the dental marrow, leading to a bacterial infection of the root canal – also known as “inflamed nerve.” If caries progresses to this stage, endodontic treatment is necessary. This primarily includes the cleaning, disinfection, and filling-in of the root canal. We use cutting-edge technology for procedures in the root canal and strive for maximum precision in canal filling.



Periodontics is the medicine of the periodontium – the complex of organs and anatomical features supporting the teeth and holding them in place. Periodontic health is greatly affected by the quality of oral hygiene; if oral hygiene is poor, microorganisms overbreed in the oral cavity. Some of these microorganisms can then cause periodontic problems – e.g. periodontal disease (the decay of gum tissue at the base of teeth) or gum inflammation.


Sale of dental aids – hygiene

We sell dental aids and products at discount prices – we have mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and more.


Painless care

For patient comfort, we offer “painless care” – on patient request, we apply local anesthesia before procedures. We use modern application methods that are quick and painless enough that the patient barely notices any application-related discomfort.


Acute outpatient treatment

We offer acute emergency treatment during our business hours. Please clear your visit with us beforehand by calling +420 728 233 433. We do not offer emergency services outside of our business hours.

Emergency dental care as mandated by the Public Health System is available in our area from the Ostrava Municipal Hospital (Mestska nemocnice Ostrava) at 5 Varenska Street, Moravska Ostrava. This service is available from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on business days and 24/7 on weekends and holidays.

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