Outpatient teeth whitening

Using BEYOND™ Polus™ Whitening Accelerator


Let your brilliant smile shine forth! The BEYOND™ Polus™ outpatient teeth whitening device is the best professional option for whiter teeth and a brilliant smile. Results within 60 minutes!

Outpatient teeth whitening procedure includes:

  • Consulting
  • Photo documentation before/after procedure
  • Teeth whitening procedure using the BEYOND™ Polus™ device


We offer outpatient teeth whitening for 7,999 CZK

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How does the BEYOND™ Polus™ work?

The BEYOND™ Polus™ outpatient teeth whitening procedure consists of the directed application of a special dental gel activated by a halogen lamp. The gel penetrates the surface of the dental enamel and chemically decomposes built-up tarnish. All BEYOND™ Polus™ devices use UV-free filtered light; their light does not cause surface warming. This removes problems with post-treatment teeth sensitivity, which are a common feature of many other teeth whitening systems.

How is the BEYOND™ Polus™ Whitening Accelerator different from other teeth whitening systems?

The BEYOND™ Polus™ Whitening Accelerator uses a 150 watt halogen light source, as well as the unique LIGHTBRIDGE™ light filtering technology for intense, filtered cool light. The Polus system’s optical unit contains 150,000 optical fibers for intense illumination and reduction of thermal radiation. The Polus LIGHTBRIDGE™ contains 18 high-power LED sources to further amplify the device’s light and broaden its emission spectrum. The result is a powerful light source with no UV radiation and minimal heat emission. This ensures excellent, homogeneous results for all patients with a device that is fast and easy to operate.

What is your outpatient procedure like?

After a consultation with your dentist and once photographic documentation of the pre-whitening state of your teeth has been made, we apply a protective cream to your lips and insert a dental mouth opener into your mouth. We evaluate the current shade of your teeth based on a sample palette. We then insulate soft tissues and apply the whitening gel. We activate the whitening lamp, to which we expose your teeth in three 10-minute intervals. Your teeth will be several shades whiter immediately after the procedure! We then photograph the results of the procedure.

After you have undergone an outpatient teeth whitening procedure, we recommend to adhere to the following guidelines: post-teeth whitening recommendations.

The results are worth it!

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